YOGA ASANAS – Padmasana

PADMASANA - Yoga Personal trainer Ayush Varanasi

Padamasana – The Lotus Pose

The Padmasana directs the flow of the Prana or life spirit from the lower spinal region to the head, or from the mooladhara chakra in the perineum to sahasrara chakra.

This heightens the experience of meditation.

Padmasana allows the body to be held completely steady for long periods of time and as the body is steadied in this asana, the mind becomes calm.

This steadiness and calmness is the first step towards real mediation.

This activity also stimulates the digestive process.

Contra-indications- Those who suffer from sciatica or weak or injured knees should not perform this asana. It is not advisable during pregnancy as the circulation in the legs is reduced.




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